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Fever greater than 100

Diarrhea: runny or watery stools, or 2 or more loose stools within 4 hours. 

Vomiting Runny and/or Crusty Eyes:

Watery, matted, and/or red/pink eyes Unexplained Rash Your child will not be accepted into childcare if he/she has had any of the above symptoms within the last 24 hours.


A sick child should be allowed to recover fully after an illness so that other children in the group do not risk exposure and so that the child is able to fully participate in childcare activities. If you are unable to remain at home with your sick child it will be necessary for 

    * If your child is out ill regular fees still apply.


Emergency medications given only.  (ex. Epi Pen)


Simple first aid will be administered by the teacher or Director and noted on an Accident/Illness Report.  You will be notified at the end of the day of any minor accidents that have occurred.


In the event of a medical emergency, your child will be transported to the parent’s network hospital, accompanied by a Bigmama’s  Love AR representative.  Parents will be notified immediately by a Bigmama’s Love ARC employee.  If we are unable to reach you, the designated physician noted on the Emergency Medical Treatment Form will be contacted.  Upon enrollment, all parents are required to sign Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment Form, giving Bigmama’s  Love ARC permission for such action.


State Law requires that each child entering such a facility must have immunizations against certain diseases.  An immunization record signed by the child’s physician or issued by the health department or copy of record from the child's attending school is required before the child will be allowed to attend REACH.  All immunizations must be current.

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