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We promote the “open-door” policy.  Please feel free to visit or observe your child/children’s classroom and/or volunteer your services at any time.


  • Lending objects for activities

  • Sharing your job experience

  • Helping to provide treats or other items for our parties

  • Attend any special events taking place in the classroom

  • Classroom observation  or regular visit of your child (we ask that you follow the example set by   the teacher in relating to your child/children in a positive way.  We also ask that you adhere to the classroom rules.)


We will not replace any lost articles.  CANDY, GUM, TOYS, and MONEY should never be brought to the center unless informed by director.


Discipline and guidance will be consistent and based on an understanding of the individual needs and development for the child.  Our key to effective discipline is found in loving, respecting and guiding children toward acceptable behavior.  The techniques teachers will use include redirecting your child, offering him/her words to say to help solve problems, and a chance to try again, as well as modifying the environment or routine to better meet your child’s needs.  Only after trying the techniques mentioned above, will he/she be removed from the group and placed in another area of the room until he/she is ready to return to the activity.  In extreme cases, the child will visit the Director’s office or a parent may be called.  At no time will physical punishment be used to correct the child’s behavior, nor will the child be shamed or made fun of by the other children or adults.

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