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Evacuation plans and practice drills with the children are given routinely in state compliance. Fire evacuation plans are posted and tornadic weather is written.


In the event of an emergency, operating procedures are in place to ensure the safety of the children. Upon critical decision making, the fire department will be contacted to help determine which action may be the safest.

  • Alternate shelters: First Baptist Church, 108 E. Hubbard St, Lindale, TX and 

                               St. Luke’s School, 16292 FM 849 Lindale, TX.

  • All employees are responsible for moving children to the designated safe area in which some circumstances, parents will be called upon to pick up their children.

  • If relocation is required, we will transport younger children by van, and older children by walking.  If the student number is low enough to meet the van's capacity at the time of relocation, all children will be relocated and transported by van.  They will be transported as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Each class will have a backpack with water bottles, snacks, flash light, and minor first aid supplies in which the teacher is responsible for grabbing upon leave as well as the class attendance sheet.

  • Upon departure and arrival, the director will have a list (Emergency Contact Notebook) of all children that must be accounted for in which director and caregivers will verify that all children are present.

  • Our first line of communication will be text messaging in which Bigmama’s  Love ARC employees will use their personal cell phones to start calling parent’s or emergency contact to have each child picked up ASAP.  

  • The director or person in charge will be responsible for notifying the appropriate emergency office as well as notify Bigmama’s  Love ARC licensing representative.  The director or person in charge will also be the last to leave Bigmama’s  Love ARC and will only do so after ensuring that all children, teachers, and parents are out of the building and being safely relocated as well as ensuring that all lights are turned off and exit doors are locked.  

    • In response to a lockdown  due to chemical war fair, all air conditioning or heating units, as well as lights will be turned off.

    • If necessary, duck tape and heavy duty plastic will be used to tape off all doorways, windows, and air-conditioning/heating vents.  

    • If a lockdown is required, we will not be able to open any doors to allow parents to pick up children until the clear is given.  We understand that this will be difficult for parents, but this is for the safety of your child/children as well as all teachers or anyone else inside of Bigmama’s Love ARC at the time.  

Important emergency numbers you may need to add to your contact list:

  • State of Texas Licensing Office Bigmama’s  Love ARCrepresentative 

  Tina Pinckens 9032438547 0r 1800 252 5400

  • All Emergencies 911

  • Lindale Police Department 903 882 3313

  • Lindale Fire Department 903 882 3443

  • Lindale Ambulance Service 903 882 9822

To First Baptist Church 

108 E. Hubbard 


30min walk; 3min drive


To St Luke’s School

16292 FM 849

2.6 miles

54 min walk; 5 min drive

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