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 At this time Bigmama’s Love Arc will only provide transportation after school with parents permission for all school age children attending Lindale ISD.


Each student entering our school age program will be required to provide a new package booster seat one time.  This seat will be used by many and will not be returned  when the child un-enrolls. This will ensure we always have updated and good booster seats.


Bigmama’s Love ARC reserve the right to terminate for the following reasons (but not limited to): 

· Failure to pay
· Lack of parental cooperation
· Failure of child to adjust to the discipline intervention after a reasonable amount of time
· Physical or verbal abuse of any person or property
· Lack of compliance with handbook regulations
· Serious illness of child
· False information given by parent either verbally or in writing


A copy of the minimum standards is available in a notebook near the parent board at the front entrance as well as on the web at: Regulations/746_Centers.pdf


Parents should feel free to discuss any policy and procedure with the director whether it be a concern or simple inquisition by scheduling a conference.


Parents should also be aware of the following important contact information:

Local Child Care Licensing Office (Tyler) 903 233 5327

Texas Child Abuse Hotline 1 800 252 5400

Child Care Website:

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