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Bigmama’s Love ARC philosophy is to empower age 4 to 12 year old youth in a friendly Christian led environment where all students can work towards reaching their potential through activity based and fun learning strategies/activities.


Our Curriculum

∙ Students will benefit from a variety of enrichment resources, strategies, and activities that facilitates our plans and  curricula. 

∙ Students will benefit from a balanced day of hands-on experiences, group activities, cooperative learning, and active play through indoor and outdoor learning experiences.

∙ Students will engage in storytelling, singing, sharing ideas to foster and enrich teamwork.

∙ Students will benefit from age appropriate learning centers  that will foster , inquiry, exploration, and investigation.

∙ Students will learn to respect other’s differences through participation in cultural awareness programs and activities 

∙ Students will make meaningful world connections with invited PR (Public Relations) guests as  they share their professionalism, etc.

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